Rust Beginners Guide

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Starting Rust

This tutorial will serve as an introductory guide to anyone new to the thrilling and action packed world of Rust.

After reading this guide you will be able to move past the shoddy in-game tutorial and advance into your first steps to really enjoy the unique gameplay Rust has to offer.

Your First Steps In Rust

When the game kicks off you are thrust into the world of Rust naked on the beach. Your first set of tools in your inventory is comprised of just a rock and a torch. 

Spawn Beach

Before you start crafting, the first thing you should do is watch out for other players (who are ready to kill you) and run straight for the trees.

These trees will help you start crafting and building up your inventory.


The other naked players on the beach have the ability to kill you off with their supplied rocks so you should hold down the shift key (this makes you run) for a few seconds.

After holding this key down for a couple seconds you can release the key and you’ll notice that you will be able to keep running.

Collecting Resources in Rust

An essential element of this survival game is to build and gain as much resources as you’ll need to fend for your life.

Wood is a pretty abundant resource throughout the game that will help you craft more things in the future.

For now, at least you can use your provided rock to start smashing up trees and collect the wood as you go along.

Collect Wood

To do this first: walk up to a tree and left click on your mouse with your rock selection from your inventory.

Once you start hitting the tree a prompt will pop up showing a “red x”.

This is indicating to you to keep hitting that x to gather wood quickly and efficiently.

You’ll also be able to notice the wooden stumps laying around in your world that can be easily picked up to add to your inventory.

You can pick up these pieces of wood by hitting the “E” key on your keyboard to interact with items and pick them up.

Picking up wooden stumps from the ground yields “fifty wood” each and picking up the wood also allows you to keep a low stealthy profile by staying quiet.

You will keep collecting wood until you are able to craft your first useful item: a stone hatchet.

To craft a stone hatchet you will need two hundred wood and one hundred stone.

Once you have gathered enough wood whether using the chopping tree method or just simply picking it up off the ground you will need to direct your focus to gathering the one hundred stone you will need for your hatchet.

Collect Stone

When you first start looking for stone, it may be confusing as your untrained eye sees all the rocks as looking the same.

Identifying the right stone to use to craft will get easier as you gain experience to find the stones you are looking for.

There are several ways to find stone in Rust, but for the purposes of this beginner’s guide we will just focus on the two easiest methods of stone gathering.

Method 1: Finding loose stone on the ground

Loose stone on the ground will yield fifty stone for every pickup much like the fifty wood pickups you can get by gathering trunks on the ground.

The stone you’ll be looking for are a lighter grey color with an oval shape found on the ground.

Method 2: Gathering stone from stone “Nodes”Stone On Beach

Using the second method of crafting from stone nodes, you will need to look for stone whiter in color and rounder in shape.

Hit these stones with your provided rock and soon you will be able to gather one hundred stone to craft your hatchet.

Craft A Hatchet

You have now gathered enough stone and wood in your inventory to start crafting your first hatchet.

Hit the tab key on your keyboard and this will result in the quick craft prompt popping up on the bottom right side of your screen. The crafting of this stone will take about half a minute.

In this time keep in mind other players might be thirsting for blood, so once your hatchet is complete seek refuge in the nearest tree line you see.

Building A Simple Base In Rust

After crafting your first tool in rust you are now ready to start building a simple base.

Remember the aim of this game is to survive, and building a base will help you tremendously in the long haul.

Your first small base will take a good amount of wood to craft (2000 wood to be exact) so once you’re ready start hacking away at those trees.

hammer and 2000 wood

Once you’ve gathered your 2000 wood, pull up the quick craft menu on the bottom right of your screen again by hitting the tab key and craft a building plan and a hammer.

Crafting your first base takes about the same amount of time as crafting your hatchet.

Try to establish a safe location for your base: avoid placing your base on the beach, near other players or too close to any manmade structure.

With your location sorted out left click on your mouse to put down your base’s foundation.

Try to avoid mountains in your beginning stage as this can prevent you from expanding your base with more foundation as you move along.

After placing your foundation right click on your mouse and hold it down to be able to select the placement of walls.

Stand on your placed foundation and put down three walls.

Don’t’ put down four walls as you’ll need one of the walls to be your door where you can enter and exit your base as you please.

Use the fourth empty wall for your door and you can use the foundation option of the floor as a roof as well.

Remember, when placing down walls you should be standing on your foundation, on the floor of the inside of your base.

If you place down the walls incorrectly by standing outside of your base, your incorrectly placed walls can be vulnerable to easier destruction by other players.

After building your initial base, you’ll want to start trying to upgrade and reinforce your walls.

The initial wooden walls that you build are a pretty weak defense against other players.

To do this select your hammer you crafted earlier from your inventory and start selecting walls, doorways and roofs with a right click of your mouse where the upgrade option on the menu will pop up.

Besides upgrading you can also use your hammer to break down or fix misplaced walls. This can only be done for a short set amount of time so use this to your advantage.

After upgrading your base you’ll need to open up your inventory menu and craft a door with a lock.

Lock Door In Rust

After this is crafted you can place the door in its doorway position and lock your door.

To lock your door you can hit the “e” key again to interact with any object where the lock prompt will come up.

If you’re playing solo you won’t need to bother with crafting a key as the lock will open and close for you, but if you are playing along with friends the key will need to be made by them to be able to access the base.

door and lock

At this point, you have just built your first reinforced base.

However, remember that in order to survive in Rust you’ll have to keep crafting and moving forward.

Relaxing at this point is not the best idea.

The next items you’ll need to craft are a tool cupboard and a sleeping bag(where your character can now spawn, but more on this later).

Craft A Sleeping Bag & Tool Cupboard

A tool cupboard will require one thousand wood

The sleeping bag will require one hundred wood and thirty cloth.

Before you leave your base to start crafting these items a good idea is to craft a wooden chest where you can place an extra key.

This will prevent you from getting locked out of your base where you are forced to tear down the walls to access all the items you have gathered.

The easiest method for any beginner to get cloth is by looking for the scattered hemp plants and again hitting your “e” key to interact with these objects and gather the cloth. 

If you find hemp seeds make sure to pick these up as well as these seeds will help you grow your own hemp plants to keep gathering more cloth.

If you come across these seeds again use the “e” key to interact with these objects in order to get them.

One large and fully grown hemp plant will yield ten cloth so keep searching for these hemp plants until you reach the minimum thirty cloths you need for your sleeping bag.

Crafting a sleeping bag is crucial to your survival in Rust as it will act as your new spawn point when you die inside of your base instead of on the beach where we first started.

Remember the cupboard we crafted inside of our base? These cupboards can often be confusing to beginner players but they serve two key roles in this game.

The first key role in creating a cupboard is that it prevents any other player from building directly next to your base (they’ll need to build at least six foundation spaces away).

The second key component of crafting a cupboard is the fact that it will allow you to place resources inside of them which will also prevent your base from wearing down and decaying.

The wearing down of your base has always been a component of Rust but the ability to preserve the base by placing a cupboard is a relatively new feature.

Base decay is an in-game design to help keep the servers running smoothly as bases that are not being kept up are not just idly laying around taking up space.

Additionally, this feature prevents the easier build-up of big bases by solo or team players that can dominate a server with their massive base.

Stone Wall Base

Now that you’ve crafted all the essentials and reinforced your base, it is time to start considering the upgrading of the strength of your base by crafting stone walls.

This is a great step to ensuring that your base will last as stone is three times more resistant to explosives than your reinforced wooden walls.Stone Wall Upgrade

Your stone walls will take ten satchel charges explosives from opposing players to tear down your walls as opposed to the three charges it takes to take down reinforced wooden walls.

To ensure a full upgrade of a totally reinforced base you will need to gather one thousand six hundred stone.

Use your hatchet and the pick-up method of finding loose stone to collect enough for your reinforcement.

Once you have gathered all the required stone, upgrade all of the components of your base.

Upgrade your foundation, the three reinforced wooden walls you built, your wooden doorway and the foundation ceiling you made earlier.

Rust Airlock

Your next step after reinforcing your base with stone is to create an interior room of your base.

Why is this important?

Well as you are inside your base you are vulnerable to armed campers who will wait outside of your door until you open it up and come outside.

These campers can then kill you off with any weapon and proceed to steal all of your precious resources you spent so much time gathering.

Your interior room can help prevent these campers from stealing all of your gathered material. This room can be referred to as an airlock room.

Once this room is built if in the unfortunate chance you die or are killed outside of your base you can be assured that your materials are in an inner structure that can’t be raided or penetrated easily.

Building this extra room is not as complicated as you might imagine. To do so, just build another room outside of your current base’s door.

You will need to gather about the same amount of material it took to build your first initial room of your base to do this.

If you add an extra door to this base it will also make it harder for other players to steal your resources as it will take them double the amount of satchel explosive charges to break through both of the doors you have crafted.

After you have built your base, reinforced the wooden walls, crafted your cupboard and sleeping bag, upgraded your base to stone and built an additional room to serve as a second defense against other players and campers, you are now ready for the last step any beginner should know to have an enjoyable experience in Rust.

What more could be done to reinforce your base you ask? Well, remember we have upgraded and reinforced our walls, floor and ceiling with stone to add extra protection to our base.

Rust Sheet Metal Door

The last step will need to address is our wooden door that can be easily broken down. To upgrade our door we can switch from the basic wooden material to a stronger and more impenetrable sheet metal material.

You will need to gather metal ore in order to build these steel walls.

Metal ore can be found in rocks that are more reddish in color or a hint of a “Rust” shade.

These rocks can look jagged in appearance with dark grooves along them.

Before you can craft anything with metal you will need to craft a furnace first to melt down our metal ore.

Craft A Furnace

To craft our furnace we will need to gather two hundred stone, two hundred wood and fifty fuel.

We’ve already covered the various ways in which you can gather both wood and stone but to gather fuel we will need to gather the right materials for this step.

To craft fuel you will need about thirteen cloth and thirty nine animal fat.

Gather Animal Fat

You can get animal fat from killing either animals (obviously) or killing humans

An easy tool to use to gather animal fat is a bow you can use when you kill your prey.

If you opt out of crafting a bow to kill your prey and decide to kill with a hatchet or bone knife, the following list will have the amount of fat you can gather from each individual kill.

Killed Animal Fat list:

  • Human 1-2 fat
  • Wolf 10 fat
  • Horse 10 fat
  • Deer 10 fat
  • Boar 39-41 fat
  • Bear 100 fat

One tip when collecting fat is to keep your eyes peeled for boar.

Of all the animals (and humans) listed boars will be your smallest threat in terms of dying and will also yield the second highest yield of fat you can gather from any animal.

Now that you’ve collected the necessary resources for your furnace, throw in the metal ore you have gathered with some wood and turn it on.

Furnace With Metal Frgments

This process of creating metal fragments will take a small amount of patience as it takes several minutes to craft but the results of creating your aluminum door will definitely be worth all the trouble.

Your furnace will yield about three hundred metal fragments which will be enough to craft your two sheet metal doors.

Use these doors to replace the wooden doors of both your exterior base door and the interior base door you crafted for your airlock room.

Building sheet metal doors will give you extra protection as other players will have to use double the amount of explosives to tear down the steel doors instead of just the two explosives needed to tear down a wooden door.

To swap out these doors you will need to interact with these doors only when they are open.

Remember when crafting your base and swapping/upgrading its parts you will need to have your hammer tool selected from your inventory.

After all of these steps you have finally finished with this beginner’s guide to rust!

Use all of these initial crafting techniques to your advantage.

Final Notes

Remember at the end of the day, Rust is an intense and action packed survival game where others can kill you off in an instant.

Crafting and building your base is essential to survival but combat and raiding others is also a big component of this game.

With these first crafting and building tips though you will at least have a fighting chance.

Don’t be hesitant to use this guide to your advantage.

Also remember that you can always explore your own methods of gathering and crafting items.  

Keep your head up and your eyes peeled and get ready for your first Rust experience!

We hope this guide was helpful enough to anyone lost out there on the basics of Rust.

Have fun out there!

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