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The Best Rust Console Commands For 2020


Rust isn’t a game that is made to be cheated or exploited. That being said, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t certain console commands that will help you get around the map faster or change details like the framerate of your game. To help you learn how to do this and more, we are going to take a look at some of the most useful Rust console commands currently available in the game.

How To Open the Rust Console

To open the console while you are playing Rust, all you need to do is to press the F1 key. At that point, the window for you to input commands will open and you simply need to start typing.

How To Teleport In Rust

The first command that we will go over in detail is how to teleport in Rust. This command seems self-explanatory but if you aren’t sure what it does it’s simple. By using a Rust teleport command, you can move from one location on the map to another instantaneously.

Unfortunately, not everyone can just open the console and teleport themselves as they please. The only people who can enter teleport commands are administrators and moderators. This is probably because Rust is designed to allow for as little cheating and unfair play as possible. There are a couple things to keep in mind, though.

First, be careful with the teleportation command. If you are teleporting someone, you should make sure to teleport them to an outdoor setting with a fairly flat terrain. Otherwise, you risk sending them to the underworld of the game or just killing off the character. To prevent this, admin and moderators can turn on god mode. This can be done by typing in the command god true into the console. If you would like to halt god mode for any reason, you can enter the command god false and god mode will cease.

It is also important to note that it is only possible to teleport one character at a time. This is most likely to stop servers from being overloaded with teleportation commands that they can’t keep up with that volume and crash.

There isn’t just one way to invoke teleportation, though. Below, we will take a look at 6 different commands that you can use as an admin or moderator to teleport yourself or other players.


The simplest command is to simply type teleport into the command console. This will automatically teleport your character to the location of the player that has the longest running session in the server.

teleport “playername”

If you would rather teleport your character near a character that isn’t the person with the longest running session in the server, that is possible too. Simply type in the above command with the name of the player you want to be teleported near. If the name has spaces, you should keep the quotation marks intact.

teleport “playername1” “playername2”

Use this code to teleport one player to another. Replace playername1 with the name of the teleporter and playername2 with the name of the player you want player1 to be teleported to.

teleportany entity

This will teleport the admin or moderator that uses it to the entity of their choice. To choose a location, replace the word entity with the name of an actual entity in the game.

teleportpos (“0.0” “0.0” “0.0”)

If you would like to teleport your character to specific coordinate location, type in the above command with the coordinates in place of the “0.0”s.

teleport2me “playername”

This command allows you to teleport a specific character to your location.

Rust: How To Spawn A Car

Another command that you can use allows you to spawn an unknown model Sedan into the game. These cars can be used by admin, moderators, and regular players that come in contact with the car to use it.

Once again, you can only enter the commands necessary to spawn a car if you are an admin or moderator in the server.

spawn sedan

The command itself is rather self explanatory. If you type spawn sedan into the command console, it will spawn a single car into the game. You should be careful, though, to make sure you character is in an open, flat, outdoor area so that the spawned car doesn’t glitch or crash the game.

Rust Client Commands

The client commands in Rust are pretty limited when compared to the Rust admin commands we will go over in a moment. These commands only refer to messaging other players and, interestingly enough, changing the color of your message text.

/msg <player> <message>

You can use the command above to message a specific player in the server. Of course, when you apply this command, you will want to change <player> to the actual player’s name and in place of <message> you will input the message you want to send.

/me <message>

This one is interesting but not a huge game changer. All it does is change the color of your text to purple.

Rust Admin Commands

Rust admin commands, or Rust server commands, can be used to control certain aspects of a server. These types of console commands can allow for a variety of changes from banning and muting players to sending server-wide notices.

moderatorid STEAMID

If you want to give another player access to admin commands, you can use this command. Naturally, when you actually implement this code you will replace the phrase “STEAMID” with their actual Steam ID.

kick NAME

This command can be used to kick a player from a specific Rust server. When you use this command, a message reading KICKED will display to the server that the player has been kicked. Interestingly, you don’t necessarily need the full name of the player you are kicking as unique partials tend to work as well.

ban NAME

If simply kicking a player from the server isn’t working, you can execute a kick ban. To do this, change the “kick” in the command to “ban”. When doing this, it will once again send a message to the entire server.


To kick ban a player without notifying the entire server, you can use this command. Unlike the other kick and ban commands, you will need to use the player’s full Steam ID.


If you don’t know the name or Steam ID of a player you are trying to kick or ban, you can use this command. Upon typing this in, you will be able to


When you ban someone or make someone an admin and you want that command to be permanent; use this command. It will make sure that your actions are saved even if the server crashes and has to restart.

truth.enforce true/false

If the server detects hacking when this command is in play, it will automatically kick offending players from the server. The use of “true” turns it on while “false” turns it off.


This is probably one of the most important commands while you are learning commands. Upon typing this into the command console, you will be given a list of all available commands. This is really handy for newer users who are learning to run a server.

General Console Commands

Not all console commands require you to be an admin, though. You can also use certain command codes to change aspects such as censorship and frame rate. Below, you will find a list of console commands that you might want to keep in mind as you go through the game.


A perf command can be used to see how much stress the game is putting on your PC while you play. If you type in perf 1, you will be shown the FPS of the game. However, by typing in perf 2 you can see the FPS as well as RAM.


If your computer is struggling to run the game, you can always change the FPS it runs at. The default value is -1 but it can be changed to suit your needs.

censornudity true/false

This command controls the censorship of nudity in the game. If you type in the command followed by true, you will turn on nudity. Adversely, typing in the command with the follow-up false will turn the censorship back on.

kill or suicide

If you really get stuck in the game and want a fresh start, you can easily kill your character immediately by either using the kill or suicide command.

streamermode 0/1

If you are streaming your experience playing Rust, you can use the handy “streamer mode” enabled in the game. This will block or change most of the identifying names in the game so you don’t have to worry about upsetting someone in the game by filming their gameplay when they didn’t want to be filmed. By typing in the code with the value “1”, you will turn the mode on but by entering the command with a “0”, you will turn streamer mode back off.

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