Rust Gears

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Rust Gears Complete Guide

Invetory Gear

Gears are a commonly found crafting component with a stack size of 20. They are necessary for crafting the following items:

  • Binoculars: 5 High Quality Metal and 1 Gear. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 1. Allows you to see players at a distance. More useful in flatter maps.
  • Snap Trap: 50 Metal Fragments and 1 Gear. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 1. An offensive trap, good for protecting your base against raiders. It is placed on the ground and activated when any play walks over it. For unarmored players, it causes instant death.

An armored double door

  • Armored Double Door: 25 High Quality Metal and 5 Gears. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 3. The strongest of the double doors, with 800 health.
  • Armored Door: 20 High Quality Meatal and 5 Gears. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 3. The most resilient door, with 800 health.
  • Ladder Hatch: 1 Wooden Ladder, 300 Metal Fragments, and 3 Gears. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 2. Deployable structure that connects two floors vertically. Must be placed in a floor frame.
  • High External Stone Gate: 3000 Stones and 10 Gears. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 3. External stone fortification with 500 health.
  • High External Wooden Gate: 3000 Wood and 5 Gears. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 1. External wood fortification with 500 health.
  • Garage Door: 300 Metal Fragments and 2 Gears. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 1. A lockable door that fits into a doorframe. About the size of a double door. Has 600 health.
  • Chainsaw: 5 High Quality Metal, 2 Gears, and 6 Metal Blades. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 2. Not very effective as a melee weapon but can be used to harvest wood from trees.
  • Reactive Target: 100 Wood, 150 Metal Fragments, and 1 Gear. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 1. Used for target practice.

Shotgun Trap

  • Shotgun Trap: 500 Wood, 250 Scrap, 2 Gears, and 2 ft Rope. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 1. A basic automated defense with 300 health.
  • Flame Turret: 10 High Quality Metal, 2 Metal Pipes, 5 Empty Propane Tanks, and 3 Gears. Requires blueprints and Workbench Level 1. A short-range automated defense with 300 health. It is not a particularly versatile defense, as the range of the flames is so short. But it works well in confined spaces.
  • Vending Machine: 20 High Quality Metal and 3 Gears. Requires Workbench Level 1. Used for indirect trade.

Where to Find Gears.

Gears can be found in Barrels, Loot Crates and Sunken Chests. They can also be obtained through crafting.


Gears appear in 1% of Barrels. Barrels are found at monuments, along roads, and in junk piles.


Loot Crates

Gears appear in 14% of Basic Loot Crates (they do not appear in Military Crates or Elite Loot Crates). Basic loot crates spawn near certain monuments and alongside roads.

Sunken Chests

Gears appear in 14% of Sunken Chests. These are found underwater next to wrecks.


Crafting gears is not an entirely simple process. The necessary components are 100 Scrap and 25 Metal Fragments, but you will be unable to craft gears without first obtaining the necessary blueprints.

Blueprints are developed at Research Tables, which require the component in question as well as a certain amount of scrap. To develop the Gear blueprint, you will need 1 Gear and 250 Scrap. You can craft a research table (200 Metal Fragments and 75 Scrap) if you have a Level One Workbench (500 Wood, 100 Metal Fragments, 50 Scrap). Research tables can also be found at certain monuments:

  • Airfield: In the tower building, in a separate room on the main floor.
  • Power Plant: On the second floor of the large central building next to the water reservoir, near the recycler.
  • Satellite Dish Array: Inside the socket of the more intact of the two standing dishes. You must break a soft wall to get to it.
  • Mining Outpost: Inside the warehouse, on the opposite side of the recycler.

As obtaining blueprints to craft gears can be difficult, it is much easier to simply scavenge them if you have only recently spawned. However, as a newly-spawned player you will have little use for gears. As gears are a valuable late-game resource, you can sometimes trade them at vending machines. The easiest way to find gears early on is to wander along the roads, looking for loot crates and smashing barrels. If you are building fortifications to your base and need a large quantity of gears, it is worthwhile to obtain the necessary blueprints so you can craft gears yourself.

What Are Gears Good For?

Fortified base

Gears are a necessary component for the Shotgun Trap, Flame Turret, Armored Door, and the High External Stone Gate. As such, they are very important for building base defenses. Gears are difficult to come by in large quantities and so become a coveted resource once clans establish themselves and players begin constructing elaborate bases.

If you have extra gears you don’t intend to use, they can be processed at a recycler to produce 10 Scrap and 13 Metal Fragments

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