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The Outpost is one of many monuments in the game, but unlike the other monuments it is considered a safe zone. The monument allows players to recycle, research, craft, and interact with the multiple vending machines located in the outpost. The goal of this post is to inform players on how to effectively use the outpost and abuse the multitude of trades to maximize your scrap and time. But first make sure you join our giveaway its completely free and easy to join

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The Rules

Starting with the rules of the Outpost is important to make sure that you don’t get banned from the outpost. The first rule of outpost is no thieving, this is reinforced by the inability to loot players that are downed, sleeping, or dead. This feature is prevalent throughout the whole inside of the outpost and a short range outside of the outpost. This can be denoted by the Safe Zone icon at the bottom right of your screen above your HP bar.  Something to note is that you can loot your own body if someone kills you inside the outpost.

The second rule to outpost is no killing. If you attack anyone inside the outpost you will be banned for 30 minutes from the outpost. This timer will reset if you kill someone in the outpost again or if you attempt to enter the outpost within this time span . The best way to keep track is setting yourself a timer and waiting it out. Killing someone outside of the outpost will ban you for a minute and a half and entering the outpost during this timer will reset your ban timer to 30 minutes. Throwables only get you banned if a player is damaged by them. 


The third rule of outpost is no sleeping. This rule is pretty simple, if you sleep you die. This will not initiate a ban timer but will get you killed. On the upside you can always go back to the outpost and loot your body.


Finally no weapons. Holding any type of weapon other than the rock or torch or shooting will get you banned for 30 minutes. Remember that loot despawns depending on what type of loot is dropped so shooting a crossbow means you lose your items permanently.


Outpost utilities

The outpost contains basic utilities, such as the Research Table, Workbench Level 1, Recycler, Repair Bench, Small Oil Refinery, Small Water Catcher, Barbeque, and six Vending Machines. Each of these utilities only allows one person to access them at a time. A warning to all players is that some players will sit next to the recycler and oil refinery with an eoka and will kill you when you recycle. Everything inside the recycler is usually looted by another player that is their teammate, so it’s recommended that you recycle one item at a time to reduce the chance of losing items.


Abusing Outpost

Maximizing your time spent on a server can be enhanced by using the outpost. There are a variety of trades that are amazing and extremely useful. Here is a list of amazing trades that you can use and brief descriptions.


  • 150 Stone for 500 Wood


If you find yourself running low on wood, it is much more efficient to mine a single node and trade for 3000 wood than hitting 5 trees for the same amount of wood


  • 40 Scrap for Tactical Gloves


This is probably one of the best trades in the outpost. Instead of recycling for cloth, picking up hemp, or killing animals, you can trade 40 scrap for Tactical Gloves. When recycled it turns into 10 Leather and 5 sewing kits. Recycling the sewing kits 1 by 1 will yield 10 cloth and 2 rope. After recycling all the sewing kits and rope you will end with 200 cloth and 10 leather.


  • 125 Scrap for Oil Refinery


The oil refinery is a very simple way to get low grade fuel and can yield massive amounts of it. Turning each crude into 3 low grade it can be priceless at times, but the amount of low grade you need to craft isn’t worth it and sometimes you can’t get to the outpost with your crude without getting killed. The solution is buying it for 125 scrap, and placing it in your base. Keep in mind it has to be placed on the ground and not on a foundation. The best way to make an oil refinery base is to create a square foundation and add triangles all around it with walls and breaking that square foundation and upgrading the surrounding while putting the refinery in the middle.


  • 25 Scrap for 250 metal frags


This trade can allow for an early start and combined with the tier 1 workbench can be easily used to turn into a weapon or a metal door and code lock.


Tips to start at outpost

When spawning on the beach and running to the outpost it is best to mine a single node and pick up as much cloth as possible. Mining a single node with your rock will yield about 350 stone. 150 of it can be traded for 500 wood and if you have 45 cloth you can turn it into burlap boots, gloves, boonie hat, bandana, and pants/shirt. This will give you 11% radiation protection and will allow you to break the barrels in the small radiation zones found just outside of the outpost and inside the safe zone. There is 1 on each side of the outpost one having 2 barrels, the other having 3 barrels, depending on the terrain it isn’t guaranteed that you get both sides but highly likely. The only way to attack these barrels is with your rock. Both radiation zones have an extremely high spawn rate so running from one side to the other will essentially be all it takes to have it respawn. In 15 minutes of running back and forth you can get over 1000 cloth and tons of metal fragments and high quality metal. There are no longer kill spots in the outpost because a scientist was added next to the recycler. But if this scientist were to be removed by a sniper in a tower outside of the outpost there are certainly still 2 kill spots available.


Jump spot


When players visit the outpost via helicopter they will park it on the various buildings. One of these being a main warehouse. You can climb up to it by doing a series of difficult jumps. To start with, run up to the research table, jump onto it and jump through the awning/cloth overhang and you will land on top of it. Jump up to the power box and make a leap towards the recycler towards the larger power box. Now you can strafe jump to the top of the building. This is a common spot that solo’s will leave their heli as it’s an extremely difficult jump but still an accessible spot.


In rust making the most of your time on the server to make the most progress is extremely important. The goal of this article is to inform players on the various ways you can stock up on raw resources. Hopefully it helped someone, as mentioned before make sure to join the giveaway as it’s free to join and win.

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