Rust Small Oil Rig

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RUST Small Oil Rig Monument Guide
The two oil rig monuments in the multi-player game RUST are the large and small rigs. In March 2019, an oil rig update was initiated. This new update involved ocean changes, heavy scientists, and an offshore oil rig monument. This unique monument is located just ahead of the cargo ship patrol path. Let me warn you; this oil rig is not ideal for a solo mission, so bring your squad. Many players believe this new rig shares many similarities with the Jack-Up oil rig, but of course, you can come to your conclusions.


This oil rig may be small, but it’s loaded with armed scientists. This setup is similar to the defense strategy used in the Cargo Ship monuments and the Military Tunnel so that you have a general idea of what and who to expect. Developers are focusing a bit more on the heavily-armed scientists, so there are 15 blue scientists in all that are patrolling each level. When you kill blue scientists, their average respawn time is between 20 and 25 minutes. Although 20 to 25 minutes may seem like a lot of time, it’s not that much time when you have to meander through the entire monument using test resources, and fending off the scientists.

While the task of making it through the new oil rig monument may be daunting, the good news is, there is no worry about radiation. More good news is the rig is stationary. With this small oil rig, you need to hope for large procedural maps. The larger these maps are, the better chances of the rig spawning in a random location. The location of the rig also depends on the size values and the map’s seed values.

The small rig monument is a little bit of heaven enclosed in utter chaos. As a player of RUST, we all love a challenge, but this small oil rig gives even the best players a tough time. This little rig often spawns on the outer edges of the map. If you’re not paying close attention, you could miss it. Gaining access to this monument is unreal. There are a lot of things going on at once. Some players will be looking for means of transportation while other players are trying to gain control of everything.

This new oil rig consists of four levels in total. If you’re a new player, don’t worry about getting lost. Each level of this oil rig features painted markings that surround the bulkheads. On the rig’s top level, there is a helicopter landing pad you can use during the Heavy Scientist event. To activate this event, players need to go to the 4th level to hack the locked crate. If you and your buddies are interested in banding together to take on this mission, have at it! Players who are interested in risking it all to be handsomely rewarded are welcome to accept this challenge.

Gaining Access to the Small Oil Rig
Accessing the small rig requires strategy, dedication, and effort, not to mention the right supplies. While attempting to gain access to this oil rig, you and your team will be pressed to the limits of survival. In addition to competing players, you have to worry about surviving while on a mission to gain access to the rig. You also have to worry about your defense strategy once you make it onto the rig. If you’ve been playing RUST for a while, you probably think you can go it alone and make the swim since this oil rig is isolated from the main island. Before you embark on the adventure of a lifetime to this small oil rig, you need to make sure you have the necessities of food and water. You also need to gather ammunition, fuel, fuses, and key cards. Transportation will be excellent since it’s not recommended you make the swim from the main island to the small rig.

As you get close to the monument, scientists are awaiting your arrival, ready to attack. When it comes to methods of transportation, you can choose a hot air balloon, mini copter, or motorboat. Before you make your way to the monument, make sure you have a group of players by your side. If not, at least take a partner. The scientists aren’t going to let you on their turf without a fight. Other players won’t be willing to let you ahead of them, so come prepared. If you want to leave the game, jump into the water from one of the sides. Don’t worry; this is a no fall damage zone. Proceed to the water with caution, though. The scientists are relentless.

The Levels

Level 0
On the ground floor of the small oil rig, you’ll find scientists waiting for you. Don’t concern yourself with loot boxes because there aren’t any. Ground zero is just that the lowest level of the oil rig. Ground zero is how you’ll enter the platform and access its many levels.

You can get out of the water by climbing onto the platform. This platform is also a parking lot for your boats and other types of transportation. There is one scientist who’s ready and waiting for you to appear, so he cant take his best shot.

Level 1
Level one involves two scientists and as many as four loot containers, so be on the lookout. These loot containers can include a variety of supplies, including medical supplies and food, fuel barrels, military crates, and standard crates and barrels. Many players have reported being stuck on the rig, so make sure you camp certain supplies. Once you’re on the level one platform, prepare to be greeted by two scientists. The only access point from level one to level two is the metal staircase located on the opposite side of the helipad.

Level 2
Level two is more involved than level one. Level two features five scientists and as many as 10 loot containers. Scientists who are on other levels can make their way to level two while they’re on patrol. Level two doesn’t allow you to see what’s happening on level three due to the solid metal flooring. Like level one, level two only has one access point to reach level three. This access point is located on the opposite side of the helipad. Look for a metal staircase.

Level 3

Level three makes things interesting by allowing roamers to access the level while making their way from levels four and two. On this level, you will find two scientists, a green key card puzzle, and a maximum of seven loot containers. Unlike levels one and two, level three has two access points to reach the next level. The access points for this level are both metal staircases. One staircase is located under the crane boom, and the other staircase is situated under the helipad.

Level 4
The level four platform is at the top of the small oil rig. On this level, you will find six scientists, a maximum of 10 loot containers, a blue and red key card puzzle, and a locked crate for the heavy scientist event. The level four platform spawns a variety of crates, including code-locked crates and elite crates. Look for two buildings on the level four platform. Both of these small buildings are side-by-side. One building is white and resembles an office building, and the other small building is yellow. There is one access point to get to and from the helipad located directly under the helipad.

In the center of this top-level platform, you will find a code-locked crate. When you try to open it, you will activate the Heavy Scientist and Chinook event. Once you activate this event, a 15-minute countdown timer will appear. You will hear warning alarms and see yellow flashing lights. Five heavy scientists will deploy from the chinook before it takes off. This event will not reset until you and your crew have left.

The Locked crate will take 15 minutes to unlock with a large loot table ranging from snow jackets to rockets. Here is a link to a trusted website showing the loot table for the locked crate and the drop chance of each item that may be dropped from it.

Click here for the loot table!

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