Rust Beginners Tips

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Hi Rust community!, I’ve created a rust guide of over 35 tips with contributions from people like ShackyHD, Trausi, Iriskpvp, and more. Let me know if I missed anything.


1. Start by either hitting a tree for a spear or killing a naked in a rock fight and gathering bones.
2. Use bone club to harvest resources.
3. If you spawn next to a monument, try to recycle stuff out of a barrel, you will get a bow faster that way (or an eoka).
mining barrel in rust
4. Get a two-door airlock on triangle foundation
5. Crouching while walking up to animals will allow you to get closer without them running away.
5. Always be on the move
5. Never
6. The best animals to kill for animal fat go in order of bear(100), Boar (39-41), Deer (10), Horse (10), Wolf (10), Human (1-
7. Know how much tools cost:
Stone Hatchet 200 wood, 100 stone
Stone Pick Axe 200 wood, 100 stone
Bow 200 wood, 50 cloth
Wooden Arrows 25 wood, 10 stone
Wooden spear 300 wood
Bandages 4 cloth
Don’t play solo expecting everything to fall in your hands
8. During PVP, try to get high ground, this gives you the ability to get cover
9. After killing someone, make a rule to check your surroundings for a few seconds before looting.
10. Start on a lower populated server
11. Try to pair up with neighbors by inviting them to your party.
12. Make sure you check your walls from not being flipped the wrong way. If you do flip them the wrong way, you can upgrade them to the next grade and flip them after.
13. Upgrade your foundations first.
14. If you want to log off and you don’t have a base or can’t get to one in time, you can swim out in the ocean and log off and your body will float.
15. You can drink water to heal up to 100 as long as you are below 40 hp
16. Make your foundations at the right height, otherwise, your building will get limited.
17. Honeycomb your base as much as you can.
honeycomb base rust
18. You can load two crossbows and put them in your toolbars and shoot twice without reloading.
19. Set hotkeys for autorun, farming, and combat log
20. Put code or keylocks on your TC and boxes
21. If you stand next to a campfire and you have over 100 hunger and thirst, you will heal.
22. If you see a naked player with a sash around them, it means they have touched a weapon recently which means you should probably kill them.
23. You can kill yourself by pressing f1 and then typing kill
24. If you hit barrels with a crossbow you can break them with one shot
25. Here’s a quick list of explosives and their cost of sulphur: F1 grenade (60), beancan grenade (120), satchel charge (480), rocket (1,400), C4 (2,200)
26. You can use a furnace as stairs in your base
25. Other people can repair your walls so be careful if you’re trying to pick out a wall. Note: they must wait 30 seconds after initial damage
27. Wooden key locks don’t require keys unless you want to give one to a friend.
28. If you find a medcrate, recycle it and you will get med sticks.
29. Do practice servers like combatlog to try out different guns (practice bow a lot)
combat server
30. Only farm 3-4 nodes at a time or 5-6 trees before depoing.
31. Have an inside and outside bag.
32. You can shoot through trees with 556 ammo
33. Nail guns are really good if you don’t have any gun BPs
34. If you split up the stuff you’re recycling, you’re going to get more stuff then if it’s compiled.
35. Don’t trust anyone.

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