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Anybody who loves video games has probably watched at least a video or two of someone playing a game on YouTube. For the most part, these videos are often called “Let’s Plays” or simply gaming commentaries. YouTube gamers have grown significantly in popularity over the past decade, and it’s almost commonplace for casual or avid gamers to have a favorite YouTuber they love to watch.

Now, finding a good gaming channel on YouTube is usually a bit more complicated than just watching someone play a good video game you know you like. You’ll probably want that person to be at least somewhat decent at playing the game, but even that won’t matter much if the commentary is bad. (That is, of course, unless you prefer watching gaming videos without commentary.) Most of the time, good gaming commentary could save even the worst gameplay, but great gameplay won’t necessarily save bad commentary.

Depending on what kinds of video games you like to watch people play, you’re probably used to certain styles of commentary or certain personalities of YouTubers. Or maybe you just know what you’re looking for in a gaming video and have particular tastes. Regardless of what you prefer to watch, though, there are usually a couple of YouTubers that almost everyone can agree are worth watching (especially if you’re talking about a more popular game). This is especially true for Rust, a video game that started out as a DayZ clone and soon became an insanely popular masterpiece in the gaming community.

What Makes a Good Rust YouTuber

When it comes down to it, there’s no single way to define a good Rust YouTuber. It will always depend on the individual viewer and what kind of content they want to watch. Of course, it also depends on why they’re watching. For example, if you’re watching Rust videos because you’re unable to play the game yourself for whatever reason, you’ll probably want to watch a YouTuber who goes into detail and talks about what they’re doing in-game and why they’re doing it that way. Explanations like this could give the feeling that you’re actually playing the game.

On the other hand, people who have played Rust before or are already otherwise familiar with the game would probably be more focused on entertaining commentary or expert gameplay. Luckily, there seems to be a great Rust YouTuber for any preference. Some of them have quite popular channels, while others are more underrated. Regardless, there’s definitely something for everybody when it comes to the Rust community on YouTube.

Good Rust YouTubers to Consider Watching

With so many YouTubers out there and so many of them playing Rust at one point or another, it can be hard to compile an inclusive list of all the ones worth watching. Some channels definitely stand out from the pack, but there are plenty of others that are worth an honorable mention at the very least. First, you have Rust channels that aren’t quite as popular as the others, but they provide good enough quality content that they’re worth at least a try to see if you might enjoy them. This would include channels like AquaFPS, Oblivion HD, and LOLOUTftw. Other honorable mentions noted by viewers have included JordanRants, Coconut B, Guacamole Jones, and many others.

Still, there are other accounts who have received plenty of praise but don’t quite meet the quality standards of our top two channels. SirWithrow is a great mention here considering the fact that he’s managed to enter many viewers’ top lists even though he has under 10k followers. He may be a good channel to follow if you’re interested in gaming commentary that goes into explanations and methodology behind the gameplay. Another good channel to mention is ThatGermanGuy. His videos are well-organized and his gameplay is elaborate and practiced, making him a good channel to follow if you’re looking to watch someone with entertaining content who’s also good at what they do.

The important thing to remember is that the number of followers a channel has won’t necessarily dictate how good the content is or whether or not you’ll like them. You might absolutely hate a large channel’s content, but you could love the content that a smaller channel produces. To keep yourself from missing out, it may be a good idea to watch a video or two from several different YouTubers before you decide which ones you hat[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

The Top Rust YouTubers

Out of all the Rust YouTube channels mentioned here and the others available to watch on the platform, however, there are two that seem to receive the most praise for their content. If you’re struggling to find some good Rust videos to watch, you should check out BCHILLZ! And VERTiiGO GAMING. Either one of these channels should be able to satisfy your preferences, regardless of if you prefer expert gameplay or entertaining content.

If you’re the kind of viewer who wants to be amazed by incredibly executed gameplay, BCHILLZ! is definitely a channel you should check out. There’s not a lot of story to his videos, but they certainly do showcase how well he knows the game. If you’re into PvP and raids when it comes to Rust gameplay, you’ll be interested in what BCHILLZ! has to offer.

VERTiiGO GAMING, on the other hand, doesn’t focus on skill so much as entertaining content in his videos. If you already know enough about the game and just want something to entertain you while you watch someone play the game, VERTiiGO is definitely a prime choice. He has a chilled out sense of humor that would good for people who don’t want someone with the hyper personality many gaming YouTubers have today.

With that said, these are only two out of possibly hundreds of YouTubers who post Rust-related videos. And when it comes down to it, you might not even like any of the channels we’ve mentioned here. Luckily, there are so many different types of content and personalities out there on the platform. Even if you have to click through a couple pages of search results, you’re pretty much guaranteed to find something you like.

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