Rust Blueprints

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Rust Blueprint Guide

Rust is a competitive and fast moving world where you can be killed off in the blink of an eye.

A large component of having a successful gameplay is the ability to craft and build tools, resources, and bases in order to survive as explained in our “Rust Beginner’s Guide”.

To craft any object in Rust, your objective is simple, find the right amount of required resources, pull up your craft menu and get to work.

However, the items that you will need to craft when first beginning Rust can be considered as ‘default’.

This means that the blueprints required to craft these items are available for anyone on the server to craft by default.

Although the crafting of basic items is available for anyone on the server, in order to craft most of the items in Rust, you need to learn the blueprints.

Blueprints On Servers

After you learn a blueprint in Rust, the blueprints you acquire will be available for you to use in the current server you are playing in.

If you were to learn a blueprint on your server and then join a different server you will now have to obtain and re-learn these blueprints again.

Usually, your blueprints will not disappear when the map ‘wipes’ so it’s advised for you to stick to playing in your server where you have already obtained your blueprints.

How do you get Blueprints in Rust?

There are a couple ways in which you can obtain a blueprint in Rust.

Just like any item in the game like a wood or a rock, blueprints are items that can be found in the game.

You have the ability of dropping your blueprints on the ground, trade them with teammates or even find them in enemy’s stashed loot.

But unlike other in game items that can be just simply found, you can also create blueprints with a research bench.

When you have a blueprint in your inventory you have the ability to learn it to craft the item you need.

Craft An Item

If you haven’t learned it, you can click a button to learn it.

When you learn the blueprints, the item will disappear and you will have the ability to craft this item on your server. 

There are two simple methods we will briefly cover to obtaining blueprints in Rust.

How To Get Blueprints in Rust

The first method will be researching the blueprints and the second method will involve you trading blueprints with other players.

Method 1 Researching Blueprints:

In Rust, workbenches can help you craft the many in-game items you will need.

Workbenches can also shorten your crafting time by 50% for your second tier bench and respectively shorten your crafting time by 75% for your third tier bench.

These workbenches operate similar to repair benches as they can be placed around your base.

As we just mentioned there are three tiers of workbenches in Rust but for this guide we will only focus on a tier one workbench.

To craft a level one workbench you will need:

  •       500 wood
  •       100 metal fragments
  •       50 scrap

This tier one workbench will give you the ability to craft the following list of items.

Building materials:

Floor grill, garage door, metal vertical embrasure, high external wooden gate, wooden ladders, chain-link fence gate, metal shop front, metal horizontal embrasure, high external wooden wall, wood shutters, chain-link fence, sandbag barricade, metal window bars, and a small water catcher.


Vending machine, ceiling light, reactive target, small wooden sign, huge wooden sign, repair bench, chair, research table, wooden sign, one sided town sign post, bed, fridge, work bench level 2, large wooden sign, and tables.


Salvaged hammer, satchel charge, hatchet, and pick axes.


Simple handmade sight, crossbow, revolver, double barrel shotgun, salvaged sword, bean can grenade, mace, water pipe shotgun, stone spear, nail gun, silencer, and weapon flashlights.


Pistol bullets, high velocity arrows.


Snap trap, shotgun trap and flame traps


T-shirt, miner’s hat, riot helmet, beanie hat, pants, jacket, snow jacket (red), bucket helmet, long sleeve t-shirt, shirt, and tank tops.


Gun Powder

Using your workbench will enable you to acquire the blueprints for all the items we listed above.

The new blueprint system in Rust differs a bit from the old system in that the old system you would use blueprint fragments with an item to gain a percentage chance of generating a blueprint.

In the new blueprint system, you will need a specific quantity of scrap to yield a blueprint unlike the old system that was more of a game of chance.

Method 2 Trading Blueprints

An easy method to obtaining blueprints in Rust is by trading your blueprints with other players.

To do this you will need access to a vending machine.

When you have access to a vending machine you can trade blueprints by accessing the administration panel.

When you pull up this panel you can click on the blueprint item icon and the vending machine will sell the selected blueprint instead of selling the selected item.


After gaining a little insight into the various blueprints you can craft in Rust and the various tiers of their availability in gameplay we here at Siphon King hope that this guide can serve you well in your Rust experience.

Remember to star with the crafting the basic items and working your way up. Rust is a fast paced and action packed game but we advise you to take your time and simply just enjoy the ride

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