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Also if you prefer a video here is one


FOV – 90 – increases your peripheral.

MAX GIBS – 0 – allows broken structures to disappear quicker.


Max Volume  – 100

Game Sounds – 100 – important for hearing footsteps and SS helps.


Shadow Quality – 0 – allows for light to better penetrate structures and terrain.

Shadow Distance – 0 – allows for light to better penetrate structures and terrain.

Max Shadow Lights – 0 – allows for light to better penetrate structures and terrain.

Draw Distance – MAX – To be able to see entities as far as possible.

Shadow Cascades – 4 – To have a more gradual day and night cycle.

Mesh Quality

Particle Quality – 100 – To be able to see where arrows/bullets are shot from.

Tree Quality – 0 – Reduces shrubbery allowing enemies to be more visible.

Grass Quality – 0 – Reduces shrubbery allowing enemies to be more visible.

Image Effects

Motion Blur – OFF

Lens Dirt – OFF

High Quality Bloom – OFF

Ambient Occlusion – OFF

Depth of Field – OFF

Sun Shafts – ON

Sharpen – ON

Vignetting – OFF

Rust has added more customization and optimization throughout the years including special features like streamer mode and censorship, but sometimes PVP can be hard with all the grass, shrubbery, and trees obscuring your vision of the enemy. Making minor changes in these settings can be the difference between a won fight and a lost one. Furthermore before getting started if the setting isn’t mentioned it is irrelevant and doesn’t change much.

Firstly your FOV (Field Of View) should be at maximum this will widen your peripheral and allow you to see more to your left and your right. The compass visibility is extremely important when communicating to your teammates where you have spotted an enemy. Finally the Max Gibs setting should be lowered to 0. Gibs are the rubble you get after destroying a door, setting it to 0 will allow the door to instantly disappear allowing full visual instead of having the rubble blocking the door and blind firing into someone’s base.

For maximum effectiveness your master volume and game sounds should be set to the maximum to allow you to listen for footsteps and what type of footsteps. Being able to hear the difference between three distinct sounds the sounds of the Hazmat, Burlap, and Boots can be what determines if you should run away or stick around for the kill

This of course is how to keep your graphics quality the highest with minimal impact on PVP this means if its not mentioned it can be as high or as low as you like depending on your computer. To begin with Shadow Quality, Shadow Lights, Shadow Distance should be reduced to as low as possible. It will allow for lights like campfires to go through walls and make canyon’s and sides of mountains brighter allowing you to see into all the crevices and corners that usually would be hard to look into. Shadow Cascades on the other hand will be turned up as high as possible because it will separate the shadows into 4 different levels of brightness, no longer allowing something to go from bright to pitch black instead it will slowly decrease in brightness. Anisotropic filtering and Parallax Mapping will allow for sharper corners, sharper turns, and sharper geometry allowing you to see over mountains more easily and people around corners.

Mesh quality is the most important for reducing grass and shrubbery. Although the most important it’s the least amount of work. Turning grass quality and tree quality is key while keeping particle and object quality up for sharper corners on items and being able to see where an arrow or bullet is shot from. Terrain quality is  for making it look nice so change it to your liking.

All should be turned off because it just adds extra crap. The only thing you need to turn on is sharpen and sun shafts just because it looks good.

With these settings your game should like amazing while keeping shrubbery, gibs, and shadows from affecting your amazing PVP skills.

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